Cry ! Cry !  For Pallywood

Cry ! Cry ! For Pallywood

By in Uncategorized on 22/01/2015


For many days, a group of Arabs would hide in a shop and throw Molotov cocktails at the Jewish houses sitting across of it. As a result, the Israeli military sealed the shop, preventing access to it.

But the facts didn’t stop anti-Israeli activists from trying to present it as Israeli aggression against “innocent” “Palestinians”.

In this video you can see the professional “Pallywood” directors telling the elderly woman to sit on a chair in front of the shop and to start crying, (while her daughter is standing there laughing uncontrollably), thereby creating a deceitful narrative scene, deceiving viewers worldwide.

This is just another one of the many examples, of the lies being spread by “Palestinians” and then being reposted as facts in the media.
If the “Palestinian” cause is so just, why the need to lie about it?

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