The Nuclear Deal With Iran: Unanswered Questions (Presentation)

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“The Nuclear Deal With Iran: Unanswered Questions”

1. The Nuclear Deal With Iran: Unanswered Questions

2. Why are sanctions that took years to put in place being removed before Iran has established a record of sustained compliance with the agreement over time?

3. Are sanctions being removed in phases, as the P5+1 claims, or all at once, as Iran claims?

4. Is it not true that Iran can reverse virtually all the “concessions” it is making in a few weeks or months, while crippling sanctions, once removed, will take years to put back into place?

5. Given Iran’s track record of concealing illicit nuclear activities, why are inspectors not being allowed to conduct surprise inspections anywhere, anytime?

6. Will Iran finally have to come clean about its past weaponization efforts (PMD) or will it continue to be allowed to stonewall the IAEA?

7. Why is the lifting of restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program in about a decade not linked to a change in its regime’s behavior?

8. How can the international community agree to allow the removal of most of the deal’s restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program even if Iran remains a terror sponsoring regime?

9. What will be the fate of Iran’s stockpile of enriched uranium?

10. Why will Iran be allowed to continue R&D on centrifuges far more advanced than those currently in its possession?

11. Why doesn’t the framework address Iran’s intercontinental ballistic missile program, the sole purpose of which is to carry nuclear payloads?

12. Who will judge whether Iran has violated the agreement?

13. If an Iranian violation is discovered, how will sanctions be reimposed?

14. Will the deal not encourage nuclear proliferation in the Middle East and around the world?

15. How will this deal differ from the deal in North Korea, where similar assurances were given by the international community?

16. What is to stop Iran from using the over one hundred billion dollars that will be unfrozen as part of this agreement to fund aggression and terror in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and elsewhere?


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