We’ve all heard the rumours. Danger. Warzone. Scary.
Israel is not a safe place to travel to, and this video explains why.
A video by Noy Leyb and Maya Gilady

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Capoeira in Jerusalem

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What is the secret of Israel’s high life expectancy? The video offers some of the answers:”There are many things that add to the good life in Israel,” says Desiree Massad, General Manager, Protea Retirement Village.”This is a country that lives outdoors. Sit outside for 8 or 9 months of the year and enjoy the fresh air and the sunny days.”
Via: http://www.youtube.com/Israel

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Go kitesurfing in Israel

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It’s just you, a surfboard, a kite and the wind over the Mediterranean Sea.

Imagine yourself in the Mediterranean beaches of Tel Aviv, riding on a surfboard while holding on to a specially designed kite, using the wind for propulsion.

That’s kitesurfing, and you’ll see many Israelis and tourists having fun with this extreme sport nearly every day of the year.

Victoria, a visitor from abroad, has this to say about Israel’s kitesurfing scene: “I’m on holiday, I’m looking at all the really fit guys, and it all looks like wow, it’s such fun. It’s such an amazing atmosphere. Just brings the place alive!”
Via: http://www.youtube.com/Israel

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Moran Samuel has become a world-ranked Paralympic athlete in rowing, winning a gold medal at the Gavirate rowing competition in Italy, and national wheelchair basketball champion. She is also a physical therapist.

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