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Stopping the broadcasts of terror!
Suing the heads of the Palestinian Television in The Hague.
Join the lawsuit:

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palestinian children practise for their future careers at Farah refugee camp near Jenin

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Palestinian Lies Kill

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As Israeli civilians are being butchered by Palestinian terrorists, it’s evident that Palestinian lies kill.

The Biggest Palestinian lie is that Israel is trying to change the status-quo on the Temple Mount, while in fact Israel is determined to maintain the status-quo.


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Too many Palestinians have died in the last few weeks. This must stop!

Arabic version :
Homage to Chris Rock – How not to get your ass kicked by the police

By: Rogatka

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Full Stats Doc:

Data: Nehemia Gershuni

Mapping: Judge Dan

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Who Inspires You ?

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Since October 1st, 2015 over 64 terror attacks have struck Israeli civilians. This terror doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Watch and see for yourself.

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A video recently posted on Facebook shows a little girl, called Rahf, holding a large knife and declaring: “I want to stab a Jew.” Her father, Abdulhaleem Abuesha, a teacher in the Madaba refugee camp in Jordan, encourages her, saying: “Oh, you’re so strong!” The video was posted on Abuesha’s Facebook account on October 16. His account also features a picture of a little boy – presumably his son – holding a large knife and smiling at the camera.


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Anti Israel Media Bias Much?

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In a almost absurd week of media bias against Israel, people should think twice, or maybe even 3 times about what they are reading. Know the facts!

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I’m THAT JEW – #imthatjew

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By Eitan Chitayat :: Lest any Jew forgets – because of all the violence directed at us, the hatred, the incitement to kill, the vile words, the missiles, the rockets, the knives, the rocks, the deafening silence of the world that we all feel right now – we should be proud of our heritage, accomplishments and spirit. Just like anyone else on this planet. And we shouldn’t be shy about it.

Rise up, speak up and keep your chins up. We’ll get through this because we love life and we’re strong and smart and funny and beautiful and talented and resilient and educated and hard-working and positive and so much more.

We’re okay. In fact, we’re more than okay.
We rock. Here’s a little reminder.

Love and peace to all,

– Bob Dylan
– Elena Kagan
– Richard Dreyfuss
– Jack Black
– Alan Greenspan
– Drake
– Ed Koch
– Gabriel Macht
– Golda Meir
– Randy Savage
– Moses
– Billy Crystal
– Lou Charloff
– Asaf Goren
– Ben Gurion
– Mark Spitz
– Jeremy Piven
– Yael Arad
– Michael Bloomberg
– Sergey Brin
– Larry Page
– Howard Stern
– Sheryl Sanberg
– Shia Labouf
– Mark Zuckerberg
– Bar Rafaeli
– Rachel Weisz
– Peter Sellers
– Alicia Silverstone
– Billy Joel
– Adam Levine
– Roman Abramovich
– Abba Eban
– Manuel Valls
– Steven Spielberg
– Jesus Christ Superstar
– Bernie Madoff
– Adam Goldberg
– Joan Rivers
– Paul Newman
– Judge Judy
– Menachem Begin
– Yitzhak Rabin
– Sammy Davis Jr.
– Amar’e Stoudemire
– Ben Stiller
– Jeff Goldblum
– Larry King
– Sacha Baron Cohen
– Arthur Miller
– Albert Einstein
– Sigmund Freud
– Ruth Westheimer
– Monica Lewinsky
– Francois Englert
– Carl Sagan
– Ilan Ramon
– Paul Rudd
– Jonah Hill
– Seth Rogan
– Andy Samberg
– Mel Brooks
– Jerry Seinfeld
– Bill Maher
– Larry David
– Scarlet Johansson
– Gal Gadot
– Natalie Portman
– Carrie Fisher
– Haim Topol
– Joseph Gordon-Levitt
– Amy Winehouse
– Ed Milliband
– Bernie Sanders
– Matisyahu
– Stephen Fry
– Sara Hurwitz
– Leonard Cohen
– Leonard Nimoy
– William Shattner
– Daniel Pearl
– Pope Francis
– Dalai Lama
– Sarah Silverman
– Madeleine Albright
– Mark Knopfler
– Yoni Netanyahu
– Yitzhak Rabin
– Families of Eyal Yifrah, Gil-ad Shaer, Naftali Fraenkel
– Gene Simmons
– Yuri Foreman
– Liev Schreiber
– Eli Weisel
– Shimon Peres
– Coen Brothers
– Harvey Weinstein
– Beastie Boys
– Simon and Garfunkel
– Rina Wertheim
– Lucian Freud
– Ralph Lauren
– Nigella Lawson
– Adam Sandler
– Woody Allen
– Harrison Ford
– Lenny Kravitz
– Madonna
– Dustin Hoffman
– Benjamin Millepied
– Kirk and Michael Douglas
– Jon Stewart
– Gene Wilder
– Pink
– Winston Churchill
– Franklin Roosevelt
– Martin Luther King Jr.
– Jim Henson
– Bill and Melinda Gates
– John Lennon

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The fatal Palestinian knife killers use the very same methods used by ISIS’ notorious terrorists. You won’t be able to tell any difference between them.

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Dec 26 2014, after morning prayers at the Mosque, a “Palestinian” Terrorist ran at 2 Israeli Policemen and stabbed one in the head, the other in the neck and then fled the scene. As it can be seen in the video, even though the Israeli policemen’s lives were in danger and they carried weapons, they did NOT use them and tried to arrest the terrorist without killing them.

The Israeli Security Forces are searching for the Terrorist.
Luckily, the Israeli Policemen were lightly injured.

This terror attack comes just a few hours after a Palestinian terrorist targeted an 11 year old Israeli girl by throwing a Molotov bottle into the car she was in with her father.

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