When a mother encourages her children to murder, don’t be surprised when they murder.

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On June 30, thirteen-year-old Hallel Ariel was murdered in her sleep by a 17-year-old Palestinian male. He was nurtured by messages of hate and brainwashed by Palestinian social networks constantly calling for violence against Israeli Jews. Thirteen-year-old Hallel was a victim of this Palestinian culture of hate and violence.

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Stopping the broadcasts of terror!
Suing the heads of the Palestinian Television in The Hague.
Join the lawsuit: http://tvterror.info/en

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Hamas TV reporter: For most of these children, resistance has become a dream… When you speak to them, you’re surprised by the strength and eloquence of their words.

Boy: We love the resistance. We want to die as Martyrs. Long live the Martyrs…

Boy: The Israeli occupation understands only resistance. We always love the resistance, to liberate our nation Palestine. And among us, the Martyrs are loved. Applause for the Martyrs…

Reporter: The atmosphere in the refugee camp is full of the spirit of resistance and of those who inscribed its stories of heroism. Most of the walls show you the images of the Martyrs…

Boy: The resistance, the armed resistance is what brings results in the Jenin refugee camp… The Jenin refugee camp continues to educate its children to resist, and passes on the flag to them, from generation to generation. They yearn for one of the two best outcomes — the return to their occupied lands, or Martyrdom.

[Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas) YouTube channel, May 8, 2014]

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